Brass Sections
Brass Sections are mainly used for different purposes in various industries. They are mainly preferred for its unique features like high tensile strength, tough, conductive, corrosion resistant, and long lasting shelf life. These sections are very effective and economical to use.
Copper Strips
Copper Strips are mainly used for protecting the structures of construction like roofs, doors, domes, and other products. These strips are preferred for corrosion resistance and conductivity features. These strips are very effective and safe to use. These strips are more economical than other good electricity conductors. 
Brass Wire
Brass Wire is made from the high quality brass material which is known for its unique properties. This is ideal alloy for the transport of water through pipes and fittings. This wire can be easily availed at nominal pricing, by our valued customers, in bulk quantities. 
Brass Rods
Brass Rods are highly corrosion resistant and have high conductivity. These rods are extensively used in marine applications, both salt and fresh water. They are very easy to install as well as simple to use. These rods are very effective as well as economical to use. 

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